Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's been AwHiLe

Everything has ended..but then again everything that is so desired that comes along with summer has just begun. Today i took my first regence, it made me want to cry. ha yes it was that bad. i am going insane i have trouble dealing with things. And when i take a step a look at myself from the outside, i cant help but worry..ahh what if i am become a bum and never make anyone in the world know know who I AM oh god that would be dreadful. I want everyone to know who i am. yet of course not be infamous or any thing bad. Hmm i'll have to work on that one.. so anyways, its summer. yay! lol wonderful mm..k
Rightio :p

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saturday..what fun.

So i had to do this really really boring/ tremendously stupid lawn sale. ok i did it, FOR SIX HOURS. how much money did i make?...5 dollars . this sucks bum. ok. so finals are soon which makes me nervous. ah well i am sad. ok so i am going to this drive in movie tonight. which should be fun. If someone wasnt going to States...i could be doing something else. lol no its amazing that you're going. i think you're my hero now :) yes. i love him :p :) well i have to go now. have to do some stuff before the movies.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

It's all over.

So track has finally ended. Friday was state qualifiers and the last meet, for me anyways. I've kind of have been dreading track all season. i guess i just wanted a weekend where i didnt have to get "enough" sleep or do everything else just right, and have nothing to worry, stress or get nervous about. But i have to say when i was in the blocks for the finals of my 200, i knew that this was my last race of this season. i mean of course i have so many more to go, it was an ending which kinda sucks because i crossed the finish line...not winning. I know you all are thinking i am a crazy over achiever, but i cant help it. It's all over! ah. well one thing that has just started is soccer. mmm! so happy!! lol yes i finally get to play a whole game *hopefully* this wenesday. wonderful. I should probably be studying for like all 3 tests i have tuesday...but i really dont feel like it. this like 4 day weekend thingy is going by wayy to fast. geesh! Well well well. I think thats about it. though all i talked about was sports. which makes me sound like a stupid..uhh..jock maybe idk.. but i dont think i am..i dont think. hm..ohh omg i ate so much a little while ago it's sickening. yuck. I dont know but i think i dont like my family..well certain people of my family. is that normal, or am i just mean? they just make me soooooo mad. i mean its just dreadful nagging. ok now i am just rambling with out much to actually say so i am going to go before i make myself seem more stupid then i alreadly have. Right. :)

lovely <3

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The day after.

Hm..saturday...sectional meet, yuck coming in second really is no fun. You're so close, yet you're just not good enough. dreadful, but i am a sectional champion in the 100 m. dash and the 4x1 ..yay! :p . Ugh HFL sucks. well after the meet some girls and i got together and had a "slumber party" lol yes fun fun.. most definently have to do that more often. i think that bibler should let missy run in the 4x1 so we can take it to states and then do amazing and make me rather happy. yeppers that would make my year. :) soccer game tomorrow oh boy oh boy. ..get to wear my amazing uniform yayaya how fun. okie dokie then...

i love you :)

Monday, May 16, 2005

still living

Monday monday monday.. school was, eh alright. Track..i am soooo broken* hamstring kills like a freaking uhh killing thingy*. right, and sectionals in less then 4 days how am i suppose to pull this one off. ugh. ok well summer is almost here and that means i get to hang out with me best friends again! so much fun. i can't stand school ..if an amazing certain someone wasnt there with me i wouldn't go :p yeah. so i am wondering how i can keep from going crazy. i miss my friends and i want to be able to see them everyday and believe me there isnt a minute that goes by that i dont think about moving back. Everytime i hear people laughing or having fun i think about how much i miss them...But then again i have a perfect boyfriend who can always make me smile :) ...well well well.
Good night !

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just another day...

Sundays how dreadful...just a buffer between the weekend and monday..which is no fun at all ...hmm what fun this is yeppers. So i am not completly sure of what to even write. Seeing as my life continues to be rather mundane, though i have attempted extreme things to make it exciting, actually i haven't but we'll just pretend for now. oook then..